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We have been successful in achieving our goals because we have been standing on the shoulders of experienced and professional team members. These people have given their heart and soul to bringing Dar Al Aman where it is today.

Eng. Mohammad O. Alabbasi

CEO & Founder

Mr. Alabbasi has always given much importance to safety. It took him a while to realize the issue was spread on a national level, faced by every household.

A mechanical engineer by profession, Alabbasi is also a Black Belt Six Sigma from Arizona State University (ASU). He is also a member in the International Association of Child Safety (IAFCS). This prestigious membership provides him with the latest developments in the field of babyproofing all over the world. His tenure as the former Regional Operations Manager at Amiantit, has equipped him with the advanced skills and tools to run a business of international level successfully in the Kingdom.

Eng. Rashad Jazzar

Board Member & Founder

Eng. Rashad belongs to the rare breed of people who have the potential to let go of what they have, for the greater benefit of the masses. Who would have thought an industrial engineer from Arizona State University would give up his great job as Regional Manager at Abu Dawood in the pursuit of a dream. Well, he did. He found the perfect partner in the form of Mr. Alabbasi and together they both turned their dream into a profitable reality. Being a member of the International Association of Child Safety (IAFCS) has equipped him with great deal of knowledge in the field of child safety.

Wasim Bakkar

Operations Manager

Wasim brings with him years of experience managing operations teams. He has been a dedicated member of the team ever since he joined. His expertise has ensured Dar Al Aman’s journey goes smoothly, without a glitch.