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They Deserve More Than Just Our Respect

They say an old person is pretty much the same as a child. Which means, they need the same level of care and safety a child does. Our team of well-trained experts ensures your space is secure for senior citizens.

How Can We Help?

  • Grab bars for bathroom, shower, bedroom and hallways to ensure safety at all places
  • Elevated toilet seats and adjustable shower seats to create a comfortable and risk-free environment
  • Furniture straps to minimize tip over hazards
  • Specialized door/window locks and alarms for added security
  • Fire, smoke, carbon monoxide and gas detectors
  • Temporary and portable wheelchair ramps for an increased level of accessibility
  • Stair railing and stair lifts

Dar Al Aman Will Save You

Time – Running back and forth to the store or surfing the Internet trying to find the right product

Money – Shipping and returning overpriced and incorrect safety products to the store

Frustration – Installing products that break easy, may be hard to use and may not be right for your home

Costly Damage to your Home – Installing the right products right the first time!