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Our mission at Dar Al Aman is to ensure peace of mind for families and care givers. For that, we train our teams to the very best of our abilities to deliver sound advice and ascertain that our products are up to date and of the best quality.


Become accessible for families and care givers across Saudi Arabia as turn-key solutions experts ensuring their peace of mind.

Our Drive

To us, every consultation, advice and installation is a saved life, a prevented injury or an avoided heart ache.
We like to believe that throughout our years of raising awareness on how to best protect your loved ones, we have saved at least one life.
And that makes it all worthwhile.


Integrity – we take our work very seriously. The kind of work we do today, will be our legacy tomorrow

Commitment – we are a bunch of people committed to providing affordable safety to people of all ages and sizes

Delivery – how good we are is only determined by the results we deliver