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Inspired to Keep Families Out Of Harm’s Way

In 2012, Rashad and Mohammad both had great jobs in Jeddah. But something was missing. They would often look around them and would notice how families were stressed out over constantly monitoring the children -just to keep them out of harm’s way.

The two individuals started on a journey to lessen the burden of the people, the beautiful families, which would do anything for the betterment of their kids and elders. Driven by the passion to create safer environments for everyone, they took the path less traveled and did not leave any stone unturned.

What was initially just a glimpse of a challenging idea was soon turned into a successful reality called, Dar Al Aman.

Childproofing was a relatively new concept in the Saudi market. So they signed with BabySafeHomes, a US based company of global reputation. They went to San Diego for specialized trainings and brought the international business model home.

In just five years, the company has seen phenomenal growth and gained loyal customers all over the Kingdom. And this is just the beginning.