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A Safe Baby Is A Happy Baby

Babies see the world in a completely different way. What could be an ordinary object to us, could pose a great threat to a child. Our safety experts have a knack for securing every nook and cranny of your space.

How Can We Help?

  • Removable and customizable child safety gates for top and bottom of stairs, hallways and play areas
  • Safety straps for your TV, furniture, dressers, changing tables and bookshelves
  • Bathroom safety items including toilet locks, spout cushions and shower locks
  • Customized Plexiglas® for stair banisters, balconies and decks

Dar Al Aman Will Save You

Time – Running back and forth to the store or surfing the Internet trying to find the right product

Money – Shipping and returning overpriced and incorrect safety products to the store

Frustration – Installing products that break easy, may be hard to use and may not be right for your home

Costly Damage to your Home – Installing the right products right the first time!